FSC –PASS (Performer Availability Scheduling Services) is a service administered by the Free Speech Coalition (FSC), in order to provide adult industry producers and performers with a reliable protocol and database for STI testing. 

Once you sign up for PASS:

PERFORMERS can view information on recommended testing facilities located in the Los Angeles area, and nationwide. Personal medical information will be accessible to performers through the testing facilities they choose, while availability information remains updated and secure on the database. 

PRODUCERS can verify performer’s availability. 

AGENTS also can view availability for their clients, performers. 

TESTING FACILITIES affiliated with PASS will submit data promptly, within a guaranteed amount of time. Data will be updated daily in the PASS database. 

The PASS Advisory Committee will be comprised of appointed members, including five performers, two producers, a legal consultant, and a medical consultant, that will work with an PASS coordinator to oversee and set policy for the PASS program. The Committee will work closely with talent agency organization LATATA, as well as members from the groups they represent, in order to provide insight and feedback on the concerns of PASS users and other industry members. 

In phase two of PASS development, the program will include health safety education options for performers, as well as health safety resources for content producers and agents. 


  •  Administers the program 
  •  Supervises all program components 
  •  Responsible for communication to producers, performers and agents 
  •  Coordinates communication for adult production health and safety to media, governmental agencies, legislature etc 

Advisory Council 

  •  Representation from performers, producers, Medical Consultant, agents, workplace safety attorney 
  •  Evaluates and provides input on existing program and makes suggestions for revisions 
  •  Facilitates communication with stakeholder groups 
  •  PASS representative to their stakeholder community, available to speak with to media, governmental agencies, legislature and industry, when requested 

IT Specialist
  •  Create and monitor database 
  •  Ensure secure data policies procedures 
  •  Database maintenance and problem-solving when necessary 

Medical Consultant (STI Health Expert)
  •  Establish, with input from FSC staff, Advisory Council members (representing performers, directors, and agents), and STD experts, policies and procedures for STD testing, and guidelines for STD treatment by outside clinicians. Update policies and procedures on a regular basis. 
  •  Serve as liaison with testing organizations, outside clinicians, and regulators 
  •  Perform quality assurance reviews periodically 
  •  Advises on and manages FSC activities concerning infected performers, co-workers, and sexual partners. This does not involve the provision of medical services to these groups by the Medical Consultant 
  •  Updates FSC pathogen exposure control plan 

PASS Coordinator
  •  PASS customer service 
  •  Coordinate PASS meetings 
  •  Provide information and reports as requested